Female Travel Blogging and the Emotional Attachment- Peter Zieve Never Loses On It

Female Travel Blogging and the Emotional Attachment- Peter Zieve Never Loses On It

Female travel blogging has been a craze in the 21st century with the wake of feminism. No more do women want to travel accompanying men, and it is the solo trips that call them every single day. But, as the journey began, some approaches were not    apt at all. Instead of putting in their own thoughts, Peter Zieve, an avid traveler found that women still kept asking for recommendations while visiting new cities at times. There were several women travel groups made up for sure, but they had the male travelers at their managing body. This is where exactly the purpose deviated behind making a core women’s travel group.

Travel Blogging- A Gender Biased Platform That Peter Zieve Wants to Evade

As the social media and Internet has taken over the entire world, people no more are restricted to magazines to read stories. Women have started sharing their own travel experiences in the personal blogs they script. They had a different angle than their male counterparts, and this is exactly what should start happening in more number. The voice of the fairer sex should not be suppressed standing in 21st century, and this is how the world must progress without any dirty politics.

But while taking a look at most of the travel blogging groups, it is evident to find a majority of bloggers being white men constituting a majority of the blogging community. The gender inequality has forced the female travel bloggers suffer a lot, and this must be put across through a series of campaigns. Studies have shown that women travel bloggers have always had the likability more than their counterparts, yet they haven’t reached the successful mark. A lot needs to be worked upon and such a statistics needs to be changed. However, this cannot happen in just a day.

How Snapchat Gives a Gust of Fresh Breath to the Suppressed Community of Female Travel Bloggers?

The entire essence of Snapchat was to get a steady conversation with the readers and laugh it out. Just like you share Instagram stories, you can also share your stories on Snapchat. Nothing can be big than these social media tools to connect with more and more followers and spread your story all around. So instead of getting into conventional travel blogging, using the modern and latest methods might do wonder for you. Take it as Sports and go ahead with your mission of spreading your words across.

How to Reduce Emotional Labor- A Big Question That Needs an Answer

What you as a solo female traveler need to know is, the more you share stories, the more you are helping the entire community who wants to read more news about traveling. You need to get the right reasons, and even if you make money out of it, it is generous of you to share your story with others. It can be very well your next business venture too. Peter Zieve believes that to make most of travel stories, the first thing required is to create your ego. You can never please everyone at one time, so finding the perfect story is never possible. You keep sharing your stories, the one who finds interest will automatically follow yours.


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