Health Care in Slovakia

Health Care in Slovakia

Slovakia offers high quality healthcare. Every town has a wellness centre as well as there goes to the very least one health center in every city and also numerous health and wellness centres. Extremely specialized health centers are positioned e.g. in Bratislava, Martin, Banska Bystrica and also Košice. Emergency situation runs in every health center open from mid-day till early morning and also at weekend breaks 24 hrs. Emergency situation clinical solution is functional 24 hrs 7 days a week.

Emergency situation telephone number: 155 as well as 112

Healthcare in Slovakia is funded by medical insurance. Medical insurance in Slovakia is necessary and also will be paid by every resident of Slovakia. The insurance policy charge is subtracted from the incomes. Clinical insurance policy for youngsters, the handicapped as well as females on maternal leave is paid by the state. Some clinical therapies such as cosmetic surgery or sanitation are paid by people themselves. Clinical therapies for management objectives are additionally paid by the clients. Catalog can be discovered in every wellness centre. Oral therapy in Slovakia is normally not completely covered by medical insurance and also several dental practitioners in Slovakia do not have agreements with medical insurance firms. In this instance, individual covers the complete therapy himself. Procedures as well as health center therapies in Slovakia are likewise covered from the medical insurance. A lot of medicines are partly covered by the insurance coverage; some drugs are also totally covered while others are just readily available complete settlement. Prescription antibiotics as well as numerous various other tablets are just readily available on doctoral prescription.

Emergency situation treatment clients sets you back 60 SKK (1,99 EUR). European Union people need to have legitimate European Health Insurance Card. Clinical therapy for various other immigrants is readily available for straight settlement. Opening hrs for health and wellness centres are normally from 7.30 am till 3 pm, yet can differ. There are these kinds of initial get in touch with medical professionals in Slovakia: basic medical professionals for kids or paediatricians, basic physicians for grownups, gynaecologists, dental experts as well as experts.

Drugs are offered in drug stores. There is a drug store in practically every town and also numerous drug stores in every community or city in Slovakia. The drug stores in Slovakia have great supply of medicines as well as medicines. Drug stores are generally open from 7.30 am till 4 pm. There is a drug store working in every city. The name and also address of the drug store at work can be discovered on the door of every drug store.

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Large healthcare facilities in Slovakia

Bratislava Hospitals

Professors Hospital Bratislava:
Kramáre – Ľ. Dérera, 5 Limbova road, 02/ 59541 111
Ružinov – 6 Ružinovská road, 02/4823411
Staré mesto– 13 Mickiewiczova road, 02/ 57290 111 Petržalka – Sv. Cyrila a Metoda, 11 Antolská road, 02/ 68671 111 Children’s Faculty Hospital, Kramáre, 1 Limbová road, tel. 02/59371111
National Oncological Institute– 1 Klenová road, 02/59378 111
The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, 1 Pod krásnou hôrkou, Kramáre, tel. 02 59320111 Army Hospital: 1 Cesta na Červený most, tel. 02/59351216 Banská Bystrica Hospitals Kid’s Faculty Hospital,

048/4726511, Banská Bystrica Košice Hospitals Professors Hospital

L. Pasteura, 43 Rastislavova road, 055/6153111, 1 trieda SNP, 055/6402111 Martin Hospitals Martin Faculty Hospital,

Kollárova 2, Martin, 043/4203303

Insurance provider in Slovakia

  • General Health Insurance Company (Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa)
  • Dôvera Health Insurance Company
  • Union Health Insurance Company


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