How Are Vehicle Tracking Solutions Changing Trucking in India

How Are Vehicle Tracking Solutions Changing Trucking in India

GPS and vehicle tracking systems in India might be at the initial stages of its reign, but we’re sure it’s a trend here to stay. More than a trend, at this point, vehicle tracking in India has become a need for many.

In 2016, India launched NAVIC, Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) and became one of the five nations to have its own Global Positioning System.

According to data available from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the total road length of the country increased significantly from 3.99 lakh kms in 1951 to 48 lakh kilometres in 2012 (as on March 31), growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2 percent.

The number of road vehicles has been growing at an average pace of 12 percent per annum over the last five years and have been predicted to steeply increase even more due to the sudden growth of the freight industry and the dependency of other industries on it. Truck population in India is currently growing at a rate of 15 percent per annum, taking the current total number to over 2,000 trucks per million population.

India has taken strides towards the growth of the Vehicle tracking industry, and won’t be looking back for sure. Meanwhile, Empanelment of Vehicle Tracking Units (VTU) is an initiative taken by the Kerala State Motor Department to provide every fleet vehicle with GPS trackers for tracking its location.

This not only provides a proper Vehicle Tracking system to the state, it also allows efficient Vehicle Tracking Solutions for reducing any kind of illegal businesses that may be taking place otherwise. We expect many states to follow suit, as it would tremendously reduce issues of smuggling and theft of goods or vehicles altogether.

Trucking used to have a bad reputation, and it was considered dangerous (in respect to the many people who lost their lives due to bad terrain and inefficient vehicles). That was, until modern technologies like Fleet Tracking Systems came into market. These GPS Vehicle Trackers eventually made communication with the drivers much easier, aiding in the increasing growth of the trucking industry, further increasing the total number of jobs for people who could not complete their education.

In fact, trucking and driving are considered very serious occupations nowadays and many states such as Odisha have various Government set up camps which allow people to get the training for driving a certain vehicle, along with completing all legal formalities to a T.

Not only have they made communication better, they have increased safety on the job with systems including SOS buttons, siren buttons in case of landslides, better route mapping techniques, live weather updates and much more.

Vehicle tracking systems have made commercial and domestic life a whole lot easier and safer with trackers that can detect when a vehicle gets too close to yours, cameras in front and behind the vehicles and many such features which vary with the kind of GPS Vehicle Trackers used.

All in all, we think it’s safe to say that without vehicle tracking systems and vehicle tracking solutions, the trucking industry wouldn’t be near to where it is right now. And who knows? The rise in technology may even make it more advanced, simplifying and making it flourish at the same time.


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