Pearl Shape – Guide to Choose Right Pearls

As pearl is a natural organic substance, it occurs in a large range of shapes. The spherical pearl that you commonly see is not the only shape in which a pearl is found! Let us know the different types of pearls available in the market.


Spherical pearls are considered to be highly valuable and the most desirable of the different shapes of pearl. A pearl that comes in half round shape will appear circular when they are strung together in the form of a bracelet or necklace.


This is a pearl that does not have a full round shape. This type of pearl is a little flat or elongated, instead of an ideal sphere. Such a pearl is so close to perfect that they are categorized as spherical.


This type of pearl has the shape of an oval. It is narrow at the ends compared to the center. Ovals are classified as a symmetric shape.


Button pearls look like flat to some level. This makes them look like a button or a disk in place of an ideal sphere. This type of pearl is mostly seen in earrings, Button shape again comes under the category of symmetrical.


Pearl of this shape is a little irregular. They are considered to have an oval shape, a button shape, a drop shape, but it is not symmetrical in nature. It is considered to be semi-baroque.


A drop shaped pearl is symmetrical form of an extended pearl that frequently takes the shape of a tear-drop. These pearls are not just unique, but also very valuable when they are found in the perfect “pear-shape.”


A pearl that has baroque shape is irregular in shape. They are also elongated in shape. Most of the people like the distinctive “appeal” of baroque shaped pearls. You will find most of these pearls in designer jewelry pieces.


So, now you must have known that pearl comes in several distinctive and interesting shapes. Hope, this information will help you find the best shape of pearl of your choice.


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