Top 3 Entertainment Apps Making Waves in 2019

Top 3 Entertainment Apps Making Waves in 2019

The moment we are alone a tendency is to hop on to our smartphone. This is to kill the boredom and avail the best of fun and entertainment. In every phone, there is a default MP 3 player, but we are searching for much more. 9apps Apk download do help our mobile phones to be converted to a portable entertainment player.

It is possible to listen and download songs, flipping through books and e magazines opening up endless possibilities. For this reason, most of the mobile development companies go on to formulate entertainment apps. Let us now figure out more about the top 5 entertainment apps


On your TV or mobile phones, you can watch a series of web based series and movies. From anywhere and at any time, this app provides a breath-taking experience.

How it works

  • You would need to avail a membership from Netflix application developers, and for a cost every month they are going to allow you to watch unlimited movies or shows.
  • With the help of this application you can watch various TV series or shows at your own comfort.
  • By taking help of the mobile application development team, this app uploads new episodes, and when you browse, thousands of titles can be obtained from the search box.
  • For the popular movies or shows you can even give out ratings.
  • From the set top boxes or even blue ray players you can watch all the shows.


By default all mobile phones have YouTube as a default app. This app offers the best in terms of entertainment and even the popular and trending videos. If you are in love with channels it is possible to subscribe and share it with your friends and even watch any device. It is possible to create your own play lists, upload videos and even give yourself comments and shares.


  • With the help of home tab, you can browse.
  • By subscribing to a feed, you can avail the latest of your favourite channels.
  • If you have watched or liked the videos you can set up an account tab.
  • If you are of the opinion that the content is good, it is possible to like and even comment on the videos.
  • It is also possible to upload and edit your own songs and videos.


Of late this appears to be one of the popular apps.

Features and how it works

  • With the help of this app, you can locate music.
  • On the YouTube app, you can enjoy Karaoke.
  • To add previous songs options of playlists is provided.
  • In case, you are in offline mode, you can stay connected with the features of this app via an offline mode.
  • It is possible to share your favourite songs on the various social media platforms.

To conclude in the entertainment space, these are some of the popular apps. A lot of more apps are in the pipeline expected to roll out the best in terms of entertainment.


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