Understanding The Steps in a Civil Litigation Case with Dan DeKoter Lawyer

Understanding The Steps in a Civil Litigation Case with Dan DeKoter Lawyer

A case of civil litigation is not as popularly known as a criminal case, but at the same time it is important that people become aware of the proceedings that take place in the former legal matter. It is because the masses in general do not have enough knowledge about a civil lawsuit that they often remain exploited and bear all sorts of damage and loss. It is when they seek the guidance and advice of efficient attorney such as Dan DeKoter Lawyer that they realize how much they had been missing out on.

Personal injury, business feuds, insurance defense, all belong to the category of civil litigation and any person who has had to experience this is their life is eligible to approach the court and file a complaint against the one who has inflicted the hurt or injury. This injury does not necessarily have to be physical at all times; there can be instances of psychological injuries as well. for instance if an individual is rebuked in public and feels deeply insulted, leading to a mental stress and under extreme situations some sort o mental imbalance, then the one causing the distress is penalized for the discomfort caused.

Irrespective of what kind of civil litigation it is, there are certain basic steps involved within such a proceeding. It begins with what is known as ‘Pleadings’, before the start of the case the victim as also the accused prepares written documents stating the their side of story. The victim or his plaintiff files the complaint while the one accused files an answer before the jury. The plaintiff should also produce a document to the defendant so that everyone involved in the case is aware of what is going on and can actively participate in it.

After documenting the incident from each one’s perspective the judge is requested to give orders for the case. Dan DeKoter Lawyer would also inform that changes can be made in the pleadings in case either of the two parties would like to make amends in the law suit. The second step involved in a law suit is ‘Discovery’. This is the step in which either of the parties is helped to make their arguments stronger. This forms the lengthiest part of any civil litigation case.

This step can be done when each of the party demands something from the other; they could exercise their power on each other by demanding that all the documents pertaining to the case, ought to be presented before the court. Next comes the step of Motions, by this the parties involved ask for an action on the part of the court.

The trial is the third step in this kind of litigation process, but this happens only when the two parties are still incapable of solving the dispute outside the court. Those trials in which the parties do not produce their documents to the judge and but to the jury, are known as a Bench trial. After the trial a verdict is passed, and if at this time any one of the parties is not happy with the kind of judgment then they can present an Appeal. This is how the process of a civil litigation takes place.


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