What is Thai Lotto?

Do you know about Thai Lottery? If you are from Thailand and are interested in taking part in Lottery games, then this is a must-read article for you.

With the help of this article we are going to discuss various things about Thai Lottery such as What is Thai Lotto, How does it works, Are there some lucky numbers which could be a plus point for the participants and at last we will discuss about the prizes in the game and hence the Results of this Thai Lotto.

What is Thai Lotto?

You might have got the hint that Thai Lotto is related to Thailand if you thought the same, then you are right because this is the oldest and most famous lottery game played in Thailand.

The results of this Thai Lotto is declared, on the 1st and 16th of every month, and it is the legalized lottery game that is being played in Thailand for centuries.

How is Thai Lotto Played?

Let us have a look at how this most famous and highly playing lottery game in Thailand is played.

This game is not so complicated and does not have any playing strategy, and you need to buy the Thai Lotto Ticket on which there would be a unique ticket number which will be with only you. There would be no same second number on anyone else’s ticket.

Lucky Numbers of Thai Lotto-

There are some Lucky Thai Numbers that you can try to find on your bought participation ticket. There are various factors that Thais check on a ticket before buying it, here are some of those lucky factors which Thais think that this will make their lottery ticket special and Lucky-

  • A cat with four spots- If you notice a cat with four spots on your ticket, then this is a luck factor.
  • A figure in the tree bark- The next lucky factor you can find out is a figure in the tree bark on your ticket.

Some of other lucky numbers or factors that Thai people believe makes their lottery ticket lucky are-

  • A rat on the ticket, even a little sight of a rat, makes it lucky.
  • A large snake.
  • A small snake.
  • The registration number on Yingluck Shinawatra’s car.

Prizes in The Lotto Results-

Here are some of the prizes that you can get if you took part in this Thai Lotto and your ticket number comes in the prize list-

You would be able to win from $1000 up to $2,000,000 if your ticket number came in the prize list.

The Lotto Results August 2019-

Here is The Lotto Results August 2019 complete list, as it’s not yet 16 August so here is the list of 1st August Prize list-

  • 1st Prize of 6,000,000 was awarded to the number 387006
  • 2nd Prize of 100,000 was awarded to the number 387007
  • 3rd Prize of 100,000 goes to the Ticket number 387005
  • There is a slot for five lucky prize winners who can get up to 200,000 each.
  • 10 Lucky Prize winners got up to 80,000 each


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